Japan Biopharma
Partnering Conference

Conrad Hotel
Tokyo, Japan
October 25, 2016

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The Sofinnova Japan Biopharma Partnering Conference brings together premier biotechnology companies from North America and Europe with influential Japanese licensing and business development executives. In its ninth year, the conference promises one full day where attendees can engage in company presentations, one-on-one partnering meetings, industry discussions, and hear from our special guest speakers.

Please note that this is an invitation only event. If you have not received an invite and registered, we will not be able to let you attend the event due to capacity issues at the venue. Thank you.

Company Spotlight

All attendees will have an opportunity to meet and hear from a select group of new biotechnology companies making presentations throughout the day.


One-on-One Meetings

All attendees can easily schedule individual meetings in advance of the conference to make the most of their time by using the BIO One-on-One Partnering system.


Networking Opportunities

All attendees will have the flexibility to hold impromptu meetings with key influencers and industry contacts throughout the conference.